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Chin Augmentation with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mitchell Blum

Mitchell Blum, M.D., F.A.C.S. - Elite Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Men and women all over California experience how important a “strong” chin is to the appearance of one’s facial proportions, and one’s career. The contour of a patient’s chin and jawline are very important features that contribute to a balanced and attractive face. A “weak” or under-projected chin and jawline significantly distort one’s appearance, and statistics show may affect employment or salary. A weak chin may cause a woman’s neck to appear much older and may cause a man’s face to appear less masculine. From the side view of one’s face, a weak chin may create an illusion of a larger nose.

A weak or receding chin is usually a physical trait a patient is born with. A chin may recede with age or through a traumatic injury. Chin augmentation surgery increases the prominence of a weak or receding chin and in patients who have lost volume and support with aging, adds that volume. This procedure significantly improves facial harmony; making patients feel so much better about their appearance, regain their confidence, and Dr. Blum’s patients often find they receive in an increase in salary.

Who is a Candidate for Chin Implants?

Healthy men and women seeking improvement to the appearance of their chin and / or jawline are excellent candidates for chin augmentation. Dr. Mitchell Blum will evaluate your candidacy during a consultation. Dr. Blum carefully reviews your medical history and cosmetic concerns. A dental exam and X-ray of the chin or jawline may be necessary to help Dr. Blum evaluate teeth alignment, facial structure, and soft tissue. Dr. Blum works with you to select the best implant option to deliver optimal aesthetic results.

What is the Recovery like from Chin Augmentation Surgery?

Chin and jawline augmentation is performed under light sedation or local anesthesia, depending on a patient’s preference. The procedure only lasts about one hour. A soft and flexible silicone implant is used. Chin implants come in various sizes, shapes, and is personalized to each patient. Small incisions are made on the inside of the mouth or are hidden under the skin. Dr. Blum creates a small pocket and the chin implant is inserted and positioned securely. Incisions are closed and the area is secured with bandages for recovery. During a consultation, Dr. Blum will help determine the shape and size of the implant most appropriate to achieve beauty and balance to your facial appearance.

Chin and jawline augmentation is accomplished in an outpatient setting. Most patients return to home after only a few hours. Recovery is usually less than one week, at which time patients may return to work and non-strenuous activities. Mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising are common the first few days after surgery. Most patients feel confident returning to their public and social lives in 5-7 days. Dr. Mitchell Blum reduces bruising and recovery time with the use of homeopathic and herbal options. Detailed postoperative and aftercare instructions will be provided to each patient.

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