Chemical Peels


Chemical peels are cost-effective alternatives to Laser Skin Resurfacing. Chemical peels drastically improve the skin’s texture, pigmentation, and can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

TCA Skin Peels

TCA is a non-toxic chemical which has been used in this practice to perform skin peels for over 30 years. TCA (Tricloracetic Acid) is the active agent in the Obaji Blue Peel. This peel is a medium depth peel that has the advantage of creating a fresh natural appearing complexion, while preserving the normal skin color. TCA peels can be performed without the need for sedation or anesthesia. The healing process is simple and, although there is no contraindication to being out and about immediately, does require from 6 to 10 days before the peel is complete and one’s appearance is normal. This is a wonderful adjunct to facial rejuvenation surgery or as a stand alone procedure to give you a bright, healthy complexion.

TCA Skin Peels can effectively improve many conditions, including:

Dull, weathered skin
Blotchy pigmentation (including the mask of pregnancy)
Sun damage (including precancerous lesions)
Fine wrinkles
Shallow acne scars

Your TCA Peel Daily Instructions

Peel Day

Come to office without makeup. Your face will be cleansed of fat with Acetone and the Tricloracetic Acid applied until a even white frost appears. An assistant will be cooling your face with a fan and expect a burning sensation as the peel reaches the frost stage. Once there the peel is done and an emollient will be applied to your skin taking away the burning sensation. This procedure can be done without local anesthesia or sedation, but oral sedation can be given. You will need someone to drive you if sedation is used. Soon after the procedure, the white frost disappears and the face then appears sun burnt.

Post Peel Day 2, 3 and 4

Your skin will gradually darken and become stiff and non compliant. It is important not to pick at the skin during this phase.

Post Peel Day 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

On its own, the dark shell that has formed will gradually peel off while washing. The new skin that appears will be brighter and smoother. With advanced sun damaged skin, the total peel will not be complete for up to the 10th day. Milder damaged skin will be back to normal in 6 days

TCA Peel Instructions

Step 1

Elevate your head with pillows or a backrest. Keeping your head elevated for two to three days after the peel will reduce recovery time and help reduce swelling. Ignoring this could prolong healing and/or cause asymmetries of the face.

Step 2

Reduce swelling by using an ice pack for 24 to 48 hours. Put crushed ice or frozen peas or corn into a plastic bag, seal it carefully, wrap in small towel and apply to treated skin. These bagged vegetables are reusable, do not leak and conform in shape. Taking anti-inflammatories — such as aspirin or ibuprofen — for 24 to 48 hours will also reduce swelling, but check with your doctor before taking one of these medications.

Step 3

Soak treated area with 0.25 percent acetic acid. Wash hands. Mix 1 tablespoon white vinegar with 1 pint warm water. Dip gauze or clean cotton washcloth in solution and wring out excess. Apply this compress four times each day.

Step 4

Keep skin moist. Use an emollient — oils, lotions, ointments — as directed by your physician. Moistening skin consistently will promote healing and ease discomfort. Poor results and scarring can occur if skin is allowed to dry out or crack. Flaking will also be reduced.

Step 5

Avoid touching skin. Itching, rubbing and picking scabs could increase the risk of infection and scarring as well as decrease even-colored skin tone. Do not pop open any blisters that form.

Step 6

Apply sunscreen with an SPF rating of 15 to 40 every day. Exposing this new, tender skin to ultraviolet light can be dangerous. Use extreme caution when outdoors for the first year after the peel. It is wise to apply sunscreen under makeup, even when you plan to be indoors most of the day.

Things You’ll Need:

Pillows or backrest
Plastic bag
Aspirin or ibuprofen
Gauze or cotton balls

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