Out of Town Patients - LIVE Virtual Consult


For those patients who are not located in or around Dr. Mitchell Blum’s primary office location in Tracy, California, please contact our office about receiving a live virtual pre-consultation. Patients may obtain virtual pre-consultations by submitting photos or video, or through live Skype conversations.

Depending on the desired procedure, potential patients should submit photographs that meet the following criteria as accurately as possible.

Pictures will be submitted to Dr. Mitchell Blum.

Photos should ideally be taken by someone other than the patient.
• Facial Front View (from top of head to lower neck)
• Facial Right Side View (from top of head to shoulders)
• Facial Left Side View (from top of head to shoulders)

After Dr. Blum has provided an opinion through email, Skype, or over the phone, patients will have the option to schedule an additional in-person consultation. Our office is happy to help patients find and make lodging and travel reservations. We can also arrange for outpatient care to assist patients until they are well enough to return home.

Our office is here to provide our non-local patients with the same courtesy we provide any of our local patients and we always aim for the highest level of patient satisfaction. We look forward to hearing from you, and to helping you achieve the life changes you have been dreaming of.

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