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Your eyes are usually the first facial feature that attracts someone’s attention. As you age and your eyelids start to droop, you may find it harder to let your confidence shine through. That’s when it’s time to consider eyelid surgery with leading facial reconstructive surgeon Mitchell Blum, MD, FACS, at Blum Facial Surgery in Tracy, California. By performing a custom eyelid surgery, Dr. Blum can open up your eyes, which can help you see better and enhance your appearance.

Eyelid Surgery Q & A

What is eyelid surgery?

It’s normal for your eyelids to start sagging as you age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t change them. During your eyelid surgery — which is technically called “blepharoplasty” — Dr. Blum will remove any excess skin (or even fat) from above your eyes. The procedure will automatically open up your eyes and get rid of that tired “hooding” effect of droopy eyelids.

Dr. Blum can do a similar procedure below your eyes by repositioning your fat deposits. Having a lower blepharoplasty decreases puffiness and sagging, while restoring volume. By getting both your upper and lower eyelids reconstructed, you’ll almost instantly appear years younger.

How long is the recovery after an eyelid surgery?

Dr. Blum will need to make several very small incisions around your eyes, so you will notice some swelling and minor discomfort. You should be able to go back to work after about a week though, as long as you avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activities. By the end of the second week, any swelling or bruising should be minimized.
You should also expect to be home for a day or two after your surgery recovering from the local or moderate anesthesia that you’ll need for surgery. During this time, arrange for someone to help care for you.

Can I do anything to minimize swelling around my eyes?

Yes. Dr. Blum can provide you with a homeopathic or herbal medication that not only decreases swelling, it also minimizes the appearance of bruises. It’s often helpful to apply ice to your surgical sites several times throughout the day, too.

Give your body time to heal and avoid doing any strenuous activities until Dr. Blum suggests otherwise. If you don’t, swelling can last longer or become worse.

Are the results going to be permanent?

Your eyelid surgery should leave you with long-lasting results. As you continue to age, however, you might notice new eyelid sagging at some point. Most men and women enjoy their reshaped eyelids for around five to seven years.

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