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When your lips are thin and drooping, you may find your confidence drooping as well. You can get a permanent fix by seeing facial reconstructive surgeon Mitchell Blum, MD, FACS, of Blum Facial Surgery in Tracy, California. Dr. Blum is highly skilled at performing lip augmentations right in his office. You’ll leave your short appointment with fuller, plumper lips.

Lip Augmentation Q & A

Why would I need a lip augmentation?

Full lips are a defining facial feature, and one of the first things others notice about you. It’s natural for your lips to lose their plumpness and shape as you get older. The corners of your mouth start appearing droopy, while the V-shaped ridge above the center of your top lip starts flattening out.

Getting too much sun over the years or smoking cigarettes can also affect the beauty of your lips. Genetics can play a role, too, or you may simply want more fullness. Getting a lip augmentation from Dr. Blum can help with any of these issues and leave you with voluminous, beautiful lips that you’ll feel confident about.

How is a lip augmentation done?

While getting injectable dermal fillers can certainly leave you with full, plump lips, the results aren’t long lasting. When you have a surgical lip augmentation done with Dr. Blum, you’ll have voluminous lips that last a lifetime, rather than a few months. Dr. Blum will inject the implants directly into your lips. He uses a safe and permanent implant called PermaLip™ that leaves your lips looking fuller, yet still very natural. During your procedure, he will numb the area with a local anesthetic.

He’ll make tiny incisions at the corners of your mouth for both your upper and lower lips. After gently placing the PermaLip implants into your lips, he’ll stitch the incisions and your procedure will be completed.

Are there different sizes of implants?

Yes. During your consultation, Dr. Blum will go over different implant sizes with you. He’ll help you decide which size is right for your face and the look you want. Since PermaLip implants are designed to be permanent — they won’t leak or rupture — it’s important to make a confident decision.

Is a lip augmentation painful?

It’s natural to feel a small amount of stinging or burning during your procedure. If you prefer, Dr. Blum can apply topical numbing cream to help minimize your discomfort. The procedure is quick, lasting only about 15 minutes, and then you can get back to your daily activities.

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