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Having a misshapen nose — whether you had an injury or have had it since birth — can certainly be a cosmetic concern. In some cases, the shape of your nose and nasal passages can actually restrict your airflow. Mitchell Blum, MD, FACS, of Blum Facial Surgery in Tracy, California uses the most modern techniques for men and women who need or desire rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job. His team works together to help ensure a positive experience and optimal results.

Rhinoplasty Q & A

Are rhinoplasty surgeries common?

Yes. Rhinoplasty is the second most popular type of cosmetic surgery — right behind breast augmentations. Dr. Blum has extensive training and experience in performing rhinoplasties and is well-versed in correcting everything from an unsightly bump on a nose that’s too big (or too small) for your liking. You’ll feel confident that he can resculpt your nose so that it balances flawlessly with the rest of your face.

Can I get a second nose job?

Yes. You might need to have a nose job repeated if you have a new injury, aren’t pleased with your nose’s appearance, or are having breathing problems. In these cases, Dr. Blum often suggests his customized revision rhinoplasty, which corrects any issues and improves the appearance and function of your nose.

As an expert facial reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Blum can also help if you don’t have enough cartilage left after your last surgery — or if the cartilage is severely damaged. By taking small amounts of cartilage from your ears, or elsewhere in your body, he can resculpt your nose and nasal passages in just one procedure.

Will I need a rhinoplasty if I am having difficulty breathing?

Possibly. Dr. Blum specializes in functional rhinoplasties, which correct issues that block your nasal passages. In many cases, he can provide a balloon sinuplasty to fix a deviated septum or other problem that causes your nasal passages to collapse. This procedure is less invasive than a traditional rhinoplasty, plus it has a quicker recovery time.

If your breathing is severely affected though, you might be a better candidate for a traditional rhinoplasty. This type of surgery allows Dr. Blum to open up your nose, reconstruct your septum, and correct any cosmetic concerns at the same time.

Do all rhinoplasty procedures require anesthesia?

No. Dr. Blum has nonsurgical options available for cosmetically reshaping your nose. By using dermal fillers to plump up your skin, he can give your nose a new shape. While nonsurgical options are ideal if you only have a minor issue to correct, they’re not permanent.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty, or non-surgical nose reshaping, is a popular procedure among California men and women looking for a quick, non-surgical option to reshape the contour of their nose. The nose rests prominently in the center of the face. Abnormalities of the nose may be congenital, inherited, caused by trauma, or prior surgery. This may attract unwanted attention and distract from the natural beauty of your face. A non-surgical, quick fix for patients is now available using special injectable fillers. The results are instant and generally last from 6 to 9 months.

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